January 25, 2018

City Checkbook: Swag, Gifts and Food

Swag The city places dozens of orders every year for swag – promotional items and souvenirs. The spending pattern at companies that manufacture swag predates Warren’s tenure. We would have to request and examine hundreds of invoices to determine exactly how much the city spends on swag. Here is an example of some spending during the first two and a …

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January 21, 2018

Turnout Data Confirms Monroe County Blue Wave

Monroe County Democrats had a lot to celebrate on election night. They won races for Sheriff, Henrietta town supervisor, county legislator and Pittsford town board. While the local party attributes success to hard work and great candidates, Monroe County is likely not immune from forces at work across the country. Democrats made gains all over, thanks to Trump’s damage to …

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January 19, 2018

Why is the City Paying Carlos Carballada?

Through an open records request, Rochester for All confirmed former deputy mayor Carlos Carballada is still on the city payroll. On June 30, the city hosted a farewell reception for Carballada. On July 1, he became the “Special Assistant to the Deputy Mayor.” This position is “on-call.” “Carballada must have been called a lot, as he raked in about $30,000,” …

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January 17, 2018

Deputy Mayor Accused of Sexual Harassment in Prior Job

– Internal investigation in Dekalb County determined complaint was a “he said she said” and cleared Cedric Alexander – Warren knew about the situation, according to email   “He asked me if I would ever get in a relationship with a guy like him…I had to come out and tell him directly, ‘I do not sleep with old men.’ Chief …

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January 5, 2018

Landsman Has Campaign Cash, Not Money for Repairs

Update at end of post. In an excellent article titled, “At Southview Towers, baby it’s cold outside as icicles form in apartments,” the Democrat and Chronicle exposed terrible living conditions at an apartment building owned by Landsman Development Corporation. The building’s owner said there’s no money to make vital repairs. Landsman CEO Jim Goff told reporter David Andreatta, “We agree the windows …

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January 2, 2018

African Americans Make Up 8 in 10 City Pot Arrests

There are many reasons to legalize marijuana. Prohibition is expensive and ineffective. The illegal drug trade goes hand in hand with violence. People with certain illnesses say marijuana helps their symptoms. Many arrests for marijuana involve small amounts of the drug. Legalization would lead to jobs and tax revenue. Some people believe they should simply have the freedom to use. …

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