Mayor Lovely Warren wants the public to believe I’m mentally ill because I have filed about 150 open records requests in recent months. She’s also lied about my conduct in a Facebook post attributed to her and shared by her associates.

Here’s the truth. I’ve filed open records requests for the deputy mayor’s schedule and travel records. Those records, which the city hasn’t disputed, show Alexander was not at City Hall 28 days in 25 weeks. They also show potential conflicts of interests. Our release of these records began an orchestrated attack on my character and my “frame of mind.”

I’ve also been examining city checkbook registries dating back to 2010. In addition, I have filed for records to a prospective project in the city.

This may seem excessive to most people, but this is how journalists and watchdog groups operate every day in the United States. This is what I’ve done for decades. As a politician, Warren knows this.

Warren’s unusual and false attacks are alarming in their defensiveness. If she has nothing to hide, she should welcome the open examination of the thousands of checks that have been written from the city treasury.

During our review, I’ve only contacted a few businesses several times for clarification, asking if the money they received from the city was grant money or expenditures. I’ve never contacted any churches. Contacting people to make sure I have the facts straight is responsible and appropriate.

We have found some items of interest and concern to the public, but we are doing due diligence before releasing any information.

I founded an organization, Rochester for All, as a vehicle to continue my work providing information to the tens of thousands of people who have depended on me to be their eyes and ears. I am an advocate for open government, transparency and accountability.

This attack on a private citizen and city taxpayer seeking information about her government, and doing it on behalf of the public, is deeply disturbing and suspicious.

Any citizen has the right to file open records requests. Any citizen has the right to question their government. Any citizen has the right to petition their government.

Warren is trying to pull the shades down on City Hall. Her conduct is an attempt to discourage any journalist or citizen from looking into her activities. By going after my credibility and integrity she is sending an ominous message to anyone who dares to question her administration. This is an assault on the First Amendment.

This is an unusual circumstance because I ran against Lovely Warren. But I’m not a candidate right now and I’m not running against her for mayor in the future. My concerns, however, are still valid. Furthermore, Rochester for All isn’t just looking into City Hall. None of the other agencies we have asked for open records are conducting themselves this way.

This is unprecedented rhetoric from the mayor of a major city. The level of vitriol raises only one conclusion. Either Warren hasn’t gotten over the election, or she’s scared of what we’ve found.

  1. Terry monroe says:

    Well spoken, apt and suscinct. Good for you. We need more people like you!
    Warren would prefer you to be more like the sequacious “unwashed” she so loves.
    Keep up the great work…you are loved.

  2. Rob Matthews says:

    Mayor Warren’s sheeple believe everything she claims. By not providing information about city finances Mayor Warren sure looks like she has something to hide. I find it comical that people in political power take offense to being questioned by constituents. I also find it disturbing that many of the comments to her recent Facebook post are trying to make this a white vs black issue instead of about the truth. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mary Ellen Belding says:

    I would be more than happy to share the City of Rochester responses to my requests. Although I was not running for political office, I was requesting information that would expose wrong doing, abuse, and fraud behind the walls at City Hall. The responses in many cases were not only denying my rights, they clearly expose an abuse of power and violations of the Freedom of Information Act. One letter from the director of communications demanded a 5k deposit prior to responding to any requests, clearly sending the message of the intention to continue their abuses. This notification was also manipulated to attempt to hide the violations in their refusal to respond and untimely notifications, continuing to violate the Freedom of Information Laws. Most recently, on the same day that Mayor Warren signed the “Transparency” proclamation regarding releasing RPD Body Cam videos, I received the denial of my Appeal from City of Rochester Corporate Counsel Curran. This response was the ongoing attempts to cover up injuries I sustained during a false arrest by RPD in which I have been denied access to the videos that contain evidence that pertain to me personally. The crimes in the City of Rochester include the ongoing denial of citizen rights, the criminal cover-ups, the abuse of process and dishonest service of the public servants in City Hall. I have exposed a substantial portion based on my previous FOIA requests and my personal documents proving discrimination and taxpayer abuse in City Hall. Being that I have no political agenda, what is the intent of the harms against me through City Hall communications and legal department?

    • Marty Franchuk says:

      A 5K ‘deposit’? What was that about? And you didn’t expose that at the time? More details, please.

  4. Ivan Ramos says:

    “Any citizen has the right to question their government,” you say. We actually have the DUTY to question our politicians.

  5. I am new to Rochester, so I have been reserving judgment on individual politicians until I learn more about local history and more about their individual platforms.

    I am appalled by the lack of decorum and professionalism shown by City Hall in the past 72 hours. Our elected officials and their representatives should be above personal attacks, should strive for transparency no matter the volume of requests, and should rise above pettiness. The more I’m seeing from Mayor Warren, the more discouraged I am. She needs to do better. As a feminist and a private citizen, my expectations are not currently being met due to her behavior.

  6. Catherine Preston says:

    Mayor warren should just answer all freedom of information requests and then keep quiet. I am not a citizen of Rochester but I followed all the political races and was appalled when lovely was re-elected and for what?

  7. Victor Garatea says:

    Last summer or spring, Mayor Warren inaugurated the bicycle tracks on my street to a great fanfare. She came down the street riding a bicycle, note ‘down’ in a avenue called Hillside.
    Jobs are beginning to disappear in Rochester and she is not doing anything to promote our city.
    Her ‘patriotism’ to our city: she sends her kids to a private school. I worked for the RCSD and sent both of my kids to city public schools.
    If Rachel need a psychiatrist, I think Mayor WArren needs a Job Coach.

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