13WHAM News reports CGI Communications will replace Xerox as the title sponsor of the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Rochester for All is disappointed the region’s premier music festival wants to be associated with this company.

We found evidence that CGI engages in questionable business practices, including posting fake online reviews. We talked to numerous former employees, who described an inappropriate and abusive workplace culture.

In addition, the CEO has been accused of violent and disruptive behavior, including an assault on an assistant.

Rochester for All exposed this information after the company received a $1.5 million state grant. Now it’s going to be the lead sponsor of a taxpayer-funded festival. CGI is also the sponsor of the city’s Party in the Park.

“CGI shouldn’t be able to buy its way out of these problems. We understand that the city’s elites only see dollar signs. But at what point are the rest of us supposed to look the other way?” asked Rochester for All Director Rachel Barnhart.

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