Jack Moore was elected Henrietta Town Supervisor in 2013, replacing incumbent Republican Michael Yudelson. This year, he is challenged by Democrat Steven Schultz, and Jeffrey Kueppers, a Democrat running on the Bright Future line.

Moore has faced a slew of complaints alleging racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found the complaints were credible.

Sadly, we don’t know if that will be enough to sway voters. Let’s look at party enrollment and voters patterns.

There are 9,035 registered Democrats, 7,257 Republicans, 5,753 voters not enrolled in any party, and 1,810 voters enrolled in a third party.

Only 38 percent of all voters cast a ballot in November 2015, the last supervisor election. That race was between Moore and Michael Yudelson, who ran as a Democrat.

Democrats had much lower turnout in 2015 than Republicans, 37 percent to 49 percent. Democrats have 1,800 more registered voters than Republicans, but Republicans cast 274 more votes. Moore won re-election by 637 votes.

Schultz can only win through one or more of these paths:

  • Improved turnout from Democrats, which means getting people who don’t normally vote in off-years to the polls.
  • Poor turnout from Republicans
  • Republicans and Independents voting against Moore

Henrietta's 5,900 millennial voters could easily swing the election to Schultz – if they come out and vote. Young voters are most likely to reject Moore. Only 12.3% of Millennials voted in 2015. If a few hundred more of them came out, Schultz could win.


2017 Henrietta Registered Voters
Registered Voted 2015 Turnout
Democrat 9035 3312 37%
Republican 7257 3586 49%
No Party 5753 1607 28%
Other Party 1810 596 33%
Total 23855 9101 38%


2015 Henrietta General Election Results
Yudelson (D) 4225 45%
Moore (R) 4862 52%
Rudolph (GCU) 203 2%
Total 9290


Bill Reilich was elected as Greece Town Supervisor in 2013. Jim Leary, a retired Greece police officer, challenges Reilich as a Democrat after recently switching parties.

Since 2008, Reilich has been Chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party.  He’s been accused of using the town hall as an extension of the party. He was also embroiled in the COMIDA I-Square scandal.

Reilich was an early supporter of Donald Trump. Greece voted for Trump with 52% of the vote.

Are Greece voters tired of the GOP?

Greece is home to 20,096 Democrats, 21,747 Republicans, 15,444 unaffiliated voters, and 5,388 third party voters.  Thirty percent of voters came out in 2013, the last time there was a contested supervisor election.

In Greece, as in many places, age is a great predictor of whether someone will vote. Only 8 percent of people younger than 42 are expected to vote. Meanwhile, more than half of people over 63 will likely come out.

An appeal to unmotivated Democrats and senior citizens may be Leary's only hope.


2017 Greece Registered Voters
Registered Voted 2013 Turnout
Democrat 20096 5430 27%
Republican 21747 8327 38%
No Party 15444 3388 22%
Other Party 5388 1408 26%
Total 62675 18553 30%


2013 Greece General Election Results
Beebe (D) 7859 41%
Reilich (R) 11405 59%
Other 18 0%
Total 19282


2016 Presidential Election Results
Clinton (D) 20120 43%
Trump (R) 24677 52%
Stein (G) 581 1%
Johnson (L) 1668 4%
Other 448 1%
Total 47046


Ron Nesbitt was elected Webster Town Supervisor in 2005, and has been re-elected five times. In 2011, he was challenged by Tony Gross, owner of GFI Studios. Nesbitt ran unopposed in 2013 and 2015. John Hutchings, owner of Healthy Edge Magazine, is now running against him as a Democrat.

Development and taxes are two hot issues in this year’s race.

There are 9,013 Democrats, 10,710 Republicans, 7,994 unaffiliated voters, and 1,810 third party voters.

The last time there was a contested election, in 2011, Nesbitt received 64 percent of the vote. The results suggest a majority of unaffiliated or third-party voters supported Nesbitt, with Gross only slightly out-performing Democratic enrollment.

In 2015, turnout was 28 percent. More than half of voters – 53 percent -- were age 63 and older.

Do Webster voters want change? Hutchings has been pounding the pavement and active on social media.  His challenge will be getting younger voters and unmotivated Democrats to the polls. People under 42 years old had a voting rate in 2015 of less than 10 percent.


2017 Webster Registered Voters
Registered Voted 2015 Turnout
Democrat 9013 2483 28%
Republican 10710 3713 35%
No Party 7994 1651 21%
Other Party 1810 596 33%
Total 29527 8443 29%


2011 Webster General Election Results
Gross (D) 3337 36%
Nesbitt (R) 6011 64%
Other 3 0%
Total 9351


2015 Election Participants (age in 2017)
22 and younger 36 0.4%
23 to 42 761 9.2%
43 to 62 3097 37.3%
63 and older 4402 53.1%
Total 8296



Legislative District 10

The race for 10th District County Legislator does not include the incumbent. Anthony Daniele, who also serves as President of the Monroe County Legislature, is term-limited. Republican Jason Rosenberg and Democrat Howard Maffucci are vying for the seat.

This suburban district offers a good opportunity for County Democrats to pick up a seat.

Legislative District 10, which includes parts of Brighton, East Rochester, and Pittsford, has 5,719 Democrats, 5,553 Republicans, 3,995 unaffiliated voters, and 1,070 third party voters.

Daniele was elected in 2007, winning by just 2 points. He was re-elected, running unopposed, in 2011 and 2015.

Maffucci’s biggest challenge is low turnout among Democrats. Overall participation was much lower in the uncontested 2015 election than in 2007. A race between two new candidates should attract renewed interest. This could be another close election, like in 2007, but Democrats are working very hard to flip the seat.


2017 LD10 Registered Voters
Registered Voted 2015 Turnout
Democrat 5719 1946 34%
Republican 5553 2393 43%
No Party 3995 963 24%
Other Party 1070 307 29%
Total 16337 5609 34%


2007 LD10 General Election Results
Nixon (D) 3369 49%
Daniele (R) 3569 51%
Total 6938

Author: Eric Stevens

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