Through an open records request, Rochester for All confirmed former deputy mayor Carlos Carballada is still on the city payroll. On June 30, the city hosted a farewell reception for Carballada. On July 1, he became the “Special Assistant to the Deputy Mayor.” This position is “on-call.”

“Carballada must have been called a lot, as he raked in about $30,000,” said Rochester for All Chairperson Rachel Barnhart. “Why are we paying Carballada when we already have a deputy mayor?”

Carballada’s assistance may be needed because Deputy Mayor Cedric Alexander missed 28 days in his first 25 weeks. Twenty-one of those days appear to have been on personal business. We have a pending open records request to see if Alexander’s pay was docked, because under senior management rules, he did not have the acquired time off. Alexander does not have a personal services contract. His annual salary is $140,000.

On WHAM 1180 today Alexander admitted that Taser paid his expenses when he attended a conference. That’s a violation of city ethics rules, which last year forbade accepting a gift over $25. Accepting such expenses from a city vendor is absolutely forbidden. Taser also awarded Alexander a cocktail hour, where he promoted his book.

“Cedric Alexander’s outside activities appear to not only violate ethics rules, they are costing taxpayers money,” Barnhart said. “We need a full accounting of this arrangement from City Hall and the Ethics Board must weigh in.”

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