Mission Statement: We will advocate for ethical and transparent government, better transit, childcare, high-speed internet access for all, a strong public school system, police accountability, traffic safety and campaign finance reform. We will fight corruption, job sprawl, economic inequality, structural racism and discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation. We want Rochester to be a city of opportunity for all. 

Rochester for All is a 501(c)4 organization.  

Board of Directors


Eric Stevens


Eric Stevens grew up in western New York and made the city of Rochester his home. He has spoken extensively on representation in popular media and audience reaction to increasing diversity. Stevens lives in Rochester's East End.

Email: all@rochesterforall.com


Rachel Barnhart


Rachel Barnhart is a lifelong Democrat and Rochesterian. She spent 18 years as a broadcast journalist. She developed a reputation for being an effective watchdog and fierce advocate for transparency. Barnhart lives in the Beechwood neighborhood.

Email: rachel@rochesterforall.com

Tom Kidera

Annmarie Vanson